AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024

Showcasing Hessen´s most innovative AI startups

Welcome to the AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024, a project of several hessian startup support institutions, initiated by! Our goal is to increase the visibility of the growing AI startup ecosystem in Hesse and create more opportunities for partnerships and innovation. We want to not only showcase existing AI startups, but also early-stage pre-founding startups to emphasize their potential for the future.

Together with our partners from research, business, and politics, the goal of hessian.AI | The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence / AI Startup Rising is to consolidate and expand existing competencies in Hessen. Additionally, we aim to establish an internationally visible AI innovation ecosystem, recognizing the region’s top AI research as a source for sustainably successful high-tech and deep-tech startups, fostering successful startups, and serving as a magnet for talent, investors, and companies.



Our selection of the AI Startup Landscape 2024 Hessen

By compiling a comprehensive database of high-quality AI startups, we facilitate access for companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), investors and government institutions to trustworthy AI partners.

We have analyzed over 150 AI startups in Hessen in collaboration with our partners, bmh, Starthub Hessen / HTAI, station, AI Hub FFM, Tech Quartier, Highest, German Entrepreneurship / Start2, EXIST / PTJ, StartMiUP, and Science Park Kassel. The selected startups were all founded in 2017 or later and are characterized by a primary business model based on AI.


The AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024 is therefore clustered as follows:

Healthcare, Finance & Legal, Media & Consumer Application, Education & Sport, Logistics & Construction, Space & Envieronment, Security, Compliance & ESG Manufacturing, Engineering & Robotics, HR, Energy & Bio, Consulting & Services

Getting such a diverse pool of startups and projects fitting into petty rigid concepts of industries and clusters is impossible. We still tried in order to get a convenient overview and ease the navigation through the landscape. Comments and improvement suggestions are more than welcome.



The AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024 closely follows the methodological approach of the applied AI institute for Europe for the „AI Startup Landscape Germany.“

Together with its partners, hessian.AI | The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence screened the startup landscape in Hessen and nominated potential startups in a preselection process. In contrast to the AI Startup Landscape Germany, however, not only established but also pre-founding AI startups were considered for selection. We believe that in this crucial phase, it is especially important to draw potential investors‘ attention to the startups. In the future, startups can apply throughout the year to be included in the AI Startup Landscape Hessen.

Next, the nominated startups are evaluated based on data, talent, AI methods, scalability, and overall quality, and then clustered. The startups are assessed by our AI analysts („shortlisted“ or „rejected“) to create a shortlist. To enhance the validity of the results, all startups are evaluated by multiple experts, and inter-rater reliability is calculated. Unclear cases are individually assessed by a larger group of experts to reach a final decision on „shortlisted“ or „rejected.“

  • Headquarters must be in Hesse, with exceptions possible only for very close relationships with the Hessian ecosystem.
  • The startup must not be older than 7 years.
  • AI must play a significant role in the company’s business model.
  • Products must be developed, service providers are its own cluster
  • Early-stage projects (pre-founding) are welcomed, but a certain level of development must be present, and founding must be foreseeable.
  • The shortlist is independently evaluated and assessed by our partners. Finally, all feedback is summarized and analyzed by the experts at hessian.AI | The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence

Use of the AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024

As a publicly funded service provider supported by the State of Hessen and the Federal Government, we aim to make information about the AI startup ecosystem freely available. The use of the AI Startup Landscape Hessen as part of a presentation, lecture, or project is expressly permitted and encouraged, provided that the visual representation is always used and appropriate reference is made to us. Changes to the AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024 must be marked as your own modifications. The content of this insight is published under CC-BY 4.0.

AI Startup Landscape Hessen 2024 © 2024 by hessian.AI | The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Contact Information

With the AI Startup Landscape Hessen, we want to shine a spotlight on AI startups in the Hessian ecosystem and bring its various players together. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us:


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